iOS image download only at poor resolution

Hi there,
a few days ago I encountered a strange behavior in the iOS nextcloud app:
I am a photographer and storing photos in the cloud for uploading on social media.
My workflow: open the image -> click on the “iOS share” button (the box with the upward-arrow) and select “save image”. Now the image is saved to the camera roll.

My problem is now, that the image is saved at a very poor resolution (always 768 x 512, no matter what the original resolution was).

I am just wondering if this is a bug or a feature. If it’s a feature, how can I turn it off? Or perhaps my workflow is wrong and there is another way saving the images?

Thanks in advance for your replies!


Hi ! Remove the resolution optimization in advanced settings.


I tried this already before - with no success. The resolution of newly downloaded images stays small as before… :frowning:

Verify if the image stored in nextcloud is in high resolution.

The images are definitely stored in high resolution (~2 MB, 6000x4000 pixels).

Try removing the resolution optimization in the Advanced settings.

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