iOS: Changed files are not being uploaded

The latest iOS app ( is unable to detect or sync changes to an existing file to a Nextcloud 16.0.5 server. The iOS version is 13.1.2 (iPadOS). As my nextcloud desktop client is able to detect and sync changes I make to files, this is likely to be an issue with the iOS app.

This has already been reported at the issue tracker with no response from the devs, yet.

Anybody else experiencing this?
Are there any known workarounds?

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Same Problem here. It’s the integration with the Files App that seems to be problematic here.

Files show up in Files App ok, but it’s impossible to open them in other Apps. If I use the Nexcloud App and try to open the files using a share sheet it seems to work.

I think this bug is related:

Hope someone will fix this soon.

I cross-referenced these two issues. Thanks for bringing that up.

Yes, I see the exact same issue on my iOS Device.
I tried some workarounds, did an app reset + re-connect. Nope. Seems to be a bug.

Nextcloud for iOS
Nextcloud Server 17.0.0 – serverside encryption enabled
iOS 13.1.3

Workaround (not or me): Use WebDAV Client on iOS

So latest app update to v2.24.3.1 didn’t fix this. It renders the entire integration into the iOS files app useless, as even downloads of non-cached files aren’t triggered anymore.

Same here. IPhone on iOS 13.1.3, iPadOS 13.1.3.

Using current Nextcloud for iOS version - 2.24.4

In both cases, new files saved to NextCloud appear on the device, but with a zero file size. The files are visible on the server, but with zero file size.

Locally, the files are complete, just not synced to the server.


I also reported the same issue, unfortunately without any response :confused:

Having the same problem.

iOS App
iOS 13.2.2
Nextcloud Server 16.0.6

Even if it doesn’t change things, i am glad I found u guys, so i can be sure it isn’t my fault. Hope there is a fix soon. So hard to work with synched office documents and mailing them to me again and again.

Seems to be solved in 2.25 via TestFlight

Cool. When will that version be released to the public?

don‘t know