IOS background sync

I am very new to Nextcloud and trying it out as an option for cloud backups. Will it autosync photos in the background or do I need to have the app open for the syncing to occur?

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photos load automatically to your cloud in the background. it is a great feature. you will love Nextcloud. your contacts, calendar and more can also auto sync. auto upload has settings with options to.

I can only get it to sync if the NextCloud app is open and has the screen focus. If the app is open but in the “background” It wont sync pictures.

in the app setting, is :camera: auto upload turn on?

you need auto upload turned on :slightly_smiling_face:

check out the app settings for other options like setting your photo dir and what to upload, etc

Yes it is. Keep in mind this is on IOS device not android.

yep, iOS :slightly_smiling_face:

just checked my ipad, all is working perfect… no issues.

GOD DAMN why is it not working for me. Anything special configuration wise on your ipad?

Try logging out of the app, clear cache, then log back in and see if the app allows auto upload.

I did Clear cache and then Reset Application. No apparent change.

Oh snap just realized that my app doesn’t have the “Auto upload in the background option”. Downloaded the app from the Appstore don’t know why its not there. Same on 3 different devices.

what version you are running?

i am running:

iOS 15.6.1
Nextcloud 24.0.5
Nextcloud APP
PHP 8.1

maybe check the NC app permission in iOS settings (not the NC app settings), my settings are:
Photo - All Photos
Camera - ON
Background APP refresh - ON

maybe turn wifi off and just use sim data (iOS DNS error on internal/home network)

maybe delete and re-install app

iOS 15.6.1
Nextcloud 24.0.4
Nextcloud APP

Settings are:
Photo - All Photos
Camera - ON
Background APP refresh - ON
Local Network - ON

Interestingly my reading seems to indicate auto upload is dependent on GPS although looking at location services NextCloud app doesn’t show up in the list of apps that needs access to location services. It never asked for it either during install.

Also tried on mobile only and still didn’t work.

Going to go for a walk beyond my wifi range and try it then

the only difference that i see is that i am running 24.0.5, maybe try updating Nextcloud.

Nextcloud iOS app was updated 3 days ago.

So after some further googling an reading it looks like in recent times others have the exact same issue as I. Seems that this functionality has been intentionally remove from the app by Next Cloud. Why? Who knows but it’s gone now so Next Cloud does nothing that I need it for. Moving onto next option.

i have the exact same issue that the fotos ARE NOT uploading in the background. Is there already a solution on it ?

Please see the following issue for details: With 4.4.0 auto upload stopped working · Issue #2026 · nextcloud/ios · GitHub

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Noticed my foto sync is also not working since a few days. Used to work normally.

IOS NC Cient:
NC Server: 24.0.6
IOS 16.0.3

any known issue? The only thing changed was the IOS NC client i guess. Reinstalling did not help

IOS NC Client fixed it.

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I have the same issue. My background sync does not work on IOS 16.1.1. I’m running Nextcloud 25.0.2 and IOS APP Does anyone know that this is a bug in the app / how to solve this?