iOS app upload same photos multiple times


After upgrading to the latest version of the Nextcloud iOS app some of my previous auto upload problem was solved but a new defect is introduced I think. I upload all my mobile photos to a folder and the sort them to different folders. After I remove the photos from the upload folder and then after some time start the Nextcloud app again it founds several “new” images and uploading them again even if they already have been uploaded via the auto upload function. Anyone else having this problem? I use Nextcloud iOS version and Nextcloud server 11.0.3

After upgrading to the new version 2.17.5 all my photos were uploaded again.
I deleted all my photos on the phone in the beginning of July because I needed more space so it was only 140 photos. My auto upload uses subfolders based on year and month. The new version of the iOS App seems to use only the last two digits in the year instead of four.
Now I have two versions of my pictures from July and the new file names are 17-07-XX… instead of 2017-07-XX…


Yes they changed the naming format of all auto uploaded pictures in one version of the iOS app. In the latest version you are able to change this to the format you want.

Thank you for the information . I’m glad I did not upgrade the iOS App during the holiday in Italy.

Hi @svankan, this is not “normal” … why re-uploaded (again) all photo ? the filename autoupload is not change from last update but if you want can you changed the format. Can you gave me more detail ?

Hi @ios,

What kind of information do you need?
Before I upgraded the App I started the the App to auto upload all my pictures.
I can see that I upgraded the App 25:th of July when I came back from Italy.
I think I started the App to check for new features and design but I’m not 100%.
Yesterday I took my first photos since the trip to Italy and it was probably after that it started to upload 140 photos.

My Nextcloud server date and time is synced with NTP and is ok.

update1: My iOS App upgrade was from version 2.17.3 to 2.17.5.