IOS App on 16.5 with NC 26.0.1,2,3 "your browser is not supported"

Hi I’m using several nc instances an got a new mobile with IOS 16.5.

After migrating to the new mobile NC Talk works as before. All Accounts are migrated too.

NC Files aka nextcloud on IOS gives me an error “your browser is not supported” when I try to configure the account in the app.

After the error message I see the NC UI (Dashboard) similar to a normal browser

This is true for instances running NC Server 26.x.
Those running 25.7. are working correctly and put me into the app.

Did I miss something ?
Any idea howto proceed ?

I found a similar situation for the android client may be this helps in analyzing thiss issue

On safari, you can open the login page?

yes I can open each cloud in safari without warning related to browser version. When I use the App I am pushed to the web ui the config flow is like this:

Ok, not sure for the verification, this isn’t the default safari?
What is strange that it does happen only to you, I didn’t find similar reports.

Anything strange in the logs? If not, perhaps an issue for the bug tracker.

this is the original safari and it happens to multiple ios phones. I have several coluds configured mostly behind an apache reverse proxy

And problem are only on those that use proxies?

I would check the logs, if you can find failed access requests (on the webserver, the proxy, …)

good morning, I have the exact same problem on iPhone (iOS 17.4.1 and Nextcloud version 28). However I tried to connect the app to the nextcloud demo server “” (Username: user Password: demo123) and the app works perfectly. So it seems like a server problem.
The problem arose after reinstallation nextcloud.