iOS app not running on Xcode9

I am new to nextcloud and i want to test functionality of the iOS app. Ive downloaded the app (version V 2.17.8) from GitHub and tried to run it in latest version of Xcode (9.0) but getting errors such as Module compiled with Swift 3.1 cannot be imported in Swift 3.2: RealmSwift. i updated the RealmSwift framework in all targets and further various errors are being encountered. Is there any suggestion on what I should be doing to get next cloud running successfully in Xcode 9?

Each Xcode version needs some maintanence/fixes for a code of a large app like the iOS app. Iā€™d wait till the developer has done that or go back to the last version which works.

thx. is there any forecast or estimate on when the iOS app will be updated to be able to run on Xcode 9? ā€¦ In the past how long has it usually taken?