iOS App: No connection possible


i tried to setup the Nextcloud app on my new iPhone 11. Entered all credentials but no connection possible.

I got this:

Has anyone a solution how to solve this?



Check the correct name resolution to your server and that the provided server certificate is matching and valid. Due to the fact that you didn’t provide any valuable information about your environment a more detailed answer isn’t possible.

What information do you need?
I entered the correct server details, use the same server on the iPhone with a working Calddav and Carddav Account. Have no problems with the same setting on android.

What “valuable” information besides that do you need exactly?

What info do you need? You wanted info so tell me which one…

Checked the log file on the server, got
403 GET /ocs/v2.php/core/getapppassword HTTP/1.0

unfortunately its always the same here.
Asking questions you will not get answers only “we need more info”. If you request waht info they need, noting…

This people shouldn’t answer at all…

Nothing to add. Ridiculous. If the mods can’t handle criticism… fell free to hide this

Stefan - @hokaido

as a matter of fact you were asked to give out valid information about your nextcloud-server. you didn’t do that.
as a matter of fact you did delete on purpose (!) the template that comes up automatically when opening an issue under support.

especially your last comment was no critisism at all.

while setting up your useraccount here you agreed to acknowledge and follow the nc-guidelines and the nc-code-of-conduct. you are expected to keep to both of them.

the forum would get a lot information about your instance if you’d install an app called issue template on your server. run it and copy & paste it’s outcome here.

and maybe someone would be able to find a misconfiguration (it’s not given).

awww and you yourself could raise chances if you’d try to be polite to other users.
since anyone wants to help some impolite bloke. keep in mind that 99% of all users here are volounteers… just trying to help out of pure friendliness.

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