IOS APP Media showing wrong dates

I’ve tried to search the forum for similar problems, however I’m not able to find it. It might be my impatience for searching, I’m sorry about that.

First of all I’m pretty happy with the Nextcloud solution on my server and my IOS app. My “problem” is the following; I want to use the Nextcloud app as my picture library, then I can delete the pictures on the photofolder of the phone.
The problem is that if I move pictures from 2017 e.g, it shows as new and I get the old pictures up front when I hit the media button.
I’ve tried different filter options, but no luck. Is there a possibility to get the media tab to show pictures after dates taken, not moved into folder?

I hope you guys and girls understand what the question is, and I really hope you can help so I really can utilize this app.