iOS/Android apps that interface with Nextcloud?


I want to suggest an idea that might be helpful for users and even for the development of the nextcloud platform:

There are so many iOS apps out there (I am sure also Android apps) that offer file or data sync to Dropbox or other cloud storage providers you cannot trust. For instance, I recently stumbled upon a note taking app similar to the iOS Notes app which syncs to Dropbox. Useless. Now I search for an alternative and don’t find one.

It would be very nice to have a collection of mobile applications that can be somehow connected to nextcloud, e.g., using the WebDAV or Cal/CardDAV protocol. To my understanding there is no such list.

I recently stumbled upon the concept of “Awesome” lists on Github and created a seed for such a list. Maybe it dies, maybe it develops to something interesting. Feel free to contribute if you know other useful apps.


I’ve done my first pull requst ever :smiley:

Hope it’s okay?

It’s already merged, thanks. Hope others will contribute. And I hope I don’t have the wrong mobile OS :wink:

I tried an iPhone 7 for 2 weeks … but I will stay on Android. If you have your workflows it’s hard to change :slight_smile: