IOS/Android Accessing External SMB Storage

Ubuntu 18.04 and NextCloud 16.01 with Windows Shares connected with External Storage App with SMB. All is working in the browser and storage shares connect and visible just fine.

When I connect Android or IOS device, I can’t see the external shares on new built server. I have two older Nextcloud servers that are working on IOS and Android. can’t figure out what I am missing. It’s not the apps on the devices as the other two Server still show the SMB shares fine. Just the new server. I have built 4 different servers to try and troubleshoot this problem with older versions of PHP and Nextcloud and nothing seems to matter. They all act the same way. HELP!

I moved to the android community which is larger. If you find any errors in your logs, this could be helpful here.

How do I find the logs on the Apps? I have been googling, but so far noda on there location. Thanks, Mike

I fixed my problem. It was a problem with LDAP groups configuration. It was letting me see the External Storage (SMB) share via browsers, but not the mobile apps. Added AD Groups to LDAP settings that need for access to those shares and the apps started working as well.

Thanks, Mike