IOS and MACOSX opensource calendar and address book using caldav and carddav

Hi Friends!

I’m not an Apple user, I’m a Linux user, but for some members of our association would like to know if exist any OpenSource app usable both on MACOSX and IOS, for syncing Nextcloud calendar and address book?

I would like to bypass the official IOS address book and calendar and MACOSX address book and calendar, then dismiss iCloud on both SO and use Netxcloud instead.



Hello @danjde,

use Thunderbird on MacOS. On iOS I use on Board apps and take care to have iCloud disabled all the time (never used but the updates try to seduce me :slight_smile: ).

Right, using Lightning, I think.

Sure, but we don’t know if the “on Board” apps, collect data anyhow, precisely because not being OpenSource they are not “inspectable”…

…mah, I think that the only way is to install Linux into every macbook and imac :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: