IOS and Collabora show white page opening a document

Hi all,

I’m trying to find the information, but I’m not finding anything. Maybe not using the right keyword in my search criteria.

I installed Collabora CODE (3.0.1) and it is working fine on Win/Linux and Chrome/Firefox locally (inside firewall) as well from outside firewall locations.

I’ve also the latest Nextcloud App on IOS and when I open an ODT doc I justget a white page where the doc should show up and nothing happens. The docker container does not log any activity in so the request does not seem to get there at all.

Is Collabora Online/CODE supposed to work with the NextCloud IOS App ? Any info about is?



Hey @sveld,

The nextcloud iOS App doesn’t work with Collabora Online.
It only shows the file with the build-in viewer of iOS. This is the problem.

Does anybody know a way to add the OpenDocument file format into iOS?

Sorry for the late reply; thx for the follow up, I found it’s indeed the local viewer that does this. Would be nice to have odf support on IOS, or have the ability to open the file not locally but from the Nextcloud server in COOL/LOOL as the file does also not need to be downloaded locally.

Or you could install the OOReader App and use Open In to be able to view odf documents.

Hi All,

As discussed above, a right way to open a file whose app is not built in nextcloud app, such as an OpenDocument file and a MS Office file, is to click […] located right side of the file, click [Open in …] then choose the right app that can open or/and edit the file. This is great.

Another problem I would like to solve is the white page displayed when a user (who does not know the above right procedure) double-clicks a non-built-in file in the nextcloud app. The white page can be reset by rebooting the nextclud app, but this is troublesome for non-expert users.

Does anyone know how to change the consequence of double-click on non-built-in files to redirect to [Open in …] page in the nextcloud app (or to avoid to stuck in the white page without nextcloud app reboot)?

The following combination, at least, enabled to open Collabora office pages as web-browsers do with click.

Nextcloud server: 17.0.0
Nextcloud for iOS:
LOOLWSD: 4.0.6