iOS and Android Client mail function?

Hi there im new to nextcloud and im wondering if its possible to show emails in the Nextcloud mobile Client? (iOS/Android App)
I can only see my Cloud/Files. But cant find a way to show mails like on the Web Version (when i connect to the Nextcloud via Browser)

What am i missing here?
Thanks for help

Mobile App:

Web Version:

Nextcloud server is providing multiple features like Files, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Email. Those features mostly provide developers tools and add an user interface for web app.

Because the nextcloud android/iOS app are different app with different codebase (they aren’t based on
existing nextcloud web app), every features must be implemented from scratch one by one.

For now only Files and Photos features are implemented on the main official android app.
Other developers created different android app for other nextcloud features (Photos, Deck, Talk, Cookbook and so on).

So because they are not sharing the same codebase, features between iOS/Android/web app may differ.

@Douban @bot_axel
Normally you configure in the Nextcloud mail app an external mail server e.g. with imap configuration. On Android or iOS you must/can use also an imap client. On Android i use K9-Mail.