iOS Address book eats data!

Nextcloud 19.0.4, Contacts 3.4.1, iOS 14.0.1, nextcloud app on iOS 3.0.11.

I have a contact entry for a hospital, so lots of phone numbers. I can enter new numbers, etc. in Nextcloud via the web page, and everything is fine, iOS sees it fine in the address book.

However, I got a call from a new phone number at the hospital. So on the phone I added that to the hospital’s entry. Everything looks fine on the phone. The problem is that back on the web page, all the phone numbers, the URL and the street address have apparently disappeared.

I exported the contact from the web page. The phone numbers are there (including the new one), but not as phone entries. Instead, I have, e.g.:

NOTE:redacted is for billing issues.

Other phone numbers show up similarly as ITEM[1-4].

I exported from the phone to a file. It showed similar changes.


  • Be aware that Apple is doing this.

  • Is this something worth fixing or otherwise working around? Is there a setting somewhere in iOS to correct this? Note: Apple just pushed iOS 14.1. I have not installed it, not have I looked to see if it addresses this issue.

  • I have not yet tried dropping this contact and loading a suitably edited vcf file. That should work but will be a PITA to do.

Has anyone else seen this?

I see this on multiple entries!! This needs fixing!

I see this as well on NC20 and IOS 14.2. If I modify a contact on IOS phone, it destroys a lot of the data in NC. Address always disappears, but as you say, if you export or download it in NC, it’s there. Sadly, this makes NC address book unusable for me. Back to icloud.

I find I can hand-edit the ITEMx. entries, often by simply the “ITEMx.”. Recovering the type (e.g. “WORK” takes a bit of editing. If I had a lot to do, I could write a macro, but only had 90 or so. Still, a bloody nuisance.

I entered a new contact on nextcloud, then edited it on the iPhone, then used the iphone’s map app to locate the place. The phone numbers are OK, but Apple seems to be extending the vcard vocabulary for its own purposes:


It might be nice if nextcloud extended its vcard vocabulary to show these, even if you don’t allow users to generate new fields with them.

Not seeing much response here, I have opened a new bug on github. I suspect the developers prefer you comment there.

iOS Address book hides data! #1973

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1973 is closed, as a duplicate of ITEM1 property not displayed #1842.