Invite other nextcloud users on the same server to an event


How can I invite another nextcloud user on the same server to an event ? They just get the invitation by mail but the event doesnt show up under the calendar app.

I`m using Nextcloud Version 9.0.52

I have this issue too. My nextcloud users are mixed local users and users fetched by LDAP from an Active Directory.
I did some investigation and found out that when I do type in the user I want to invite a user my osx calendar client requests a HTTP REPORT from the nextcloud server, but the server never responds with the requested data. Nothing of value shows up in the owncloud.log with debug set to true and loglevel 0.

I have the same question.I just want to have a coolaboration calendar, but how would you collaborate without knowing how to call the recipients? (NC 11)