Invitation email: contains "accept"/"decline" buttons only if event created from Nextcloud web

We noticed that upon creation of a calendar event with invited people:

  • if the event is created from within the Nextcloud web UI: people will receive an invitation containing “Accept” / “Decline” buttons embedded
  • if the event is created from within a connected calendar application (either Thunderbird or Apple iOS native) the invitation email does not contain the buttons (while the event saved directly in the recipient calendar enable users to accept/decline)

Any possibility that buttons are always present?
BTW: the email format is always Nextcloud style, just buttons are missing

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Once the html email structure which contains the invitation is created by the Nextcloud calendar app, which acts as MUA, and the other time by the Thunderbird MUA.
How should Nextcloud be able to influence the way how Thunderbird creates and communicates with the attendees without being involved in this communication, except that the event information is stored in the database?

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The email message is always generated by Nextcloud, provided that the calendar client (either Thunderbird or iOS) is configured with access to a Nextcloud calendar. The email message format is pretty similar in both situations (with Nextcloud logo etc.) with/without buttons.

While investigating it seems to me that this relates to a configuration item “dav.invitation_link_recipients” contained in an app config database, but no way to modify this AFAIK… any hint?

See as an example this commit

I understand the related issue ticket in that way, that it is a system or app specific the parameter. These parameters can be set using the occ command line tool, like

./occ config:system:set <name> --value="value"
./occ config:app:set <app> <name> --value="value"

Thanks for the suggestion so I added the configuration flag:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ config:app:set dev invitation_link_recipients --value="yes"

The invitation message actually changes a bit but still no confirm/decline URLs in the text, I’ll try to dive more into the PHP code and in the meanwhile I’m asking if anyone else is esperiencing the same

Ok works now: setting the variable to “yes” and then deleting the variable, still works (being “yes” a default value)

I’m running into the same problem but couldn’t solve it with the occ command above.
I tried both (system and app) commands by copy&past it into my occ web on nextcloud 19.0.0.

Is there something i have to change? Is “dev” the right app or should it be something like “calendar”?

Yes sorry there was a typo in my command. The correct sintax is:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ config:app:set dav invitation_link_recipients --value="yes"

(dav instead of dev)

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So adding the following configuration flag solves (corrected syntax here):

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ config:app:set dav invitation_link_recipients --value="yes"

The invitation message always contains confirm/decline URLs in the text.

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Thanks for your replay stefanoco
But it didn’t work for me.

Tried it again with occ Web in admin panel and set a new appointment on a users iphone but no link.
Tried to restart my nextcloud (restart the docker container) but no link.
Tried it also via shell command - not occ web - still the same.

i also tried to delete it afterwards, like you suggested… no link :frowning:

I tried your solution without luck. May be it is another issue. I get the word “Link:” but no link (even in the source of the e-mail)
But my installation is NC 17.0.9.

This did not resolve the issue for me. My use case involves creating a new calendar event in Thunderbird with one attendee (a non-user email address). The invitation is received by the external user, but there are no Accept/Decline buttons.

I am using Thunderbird 78.10.2 with Nextcloud 20.0.9 and Calendar 2.2.1.

there is an open issue on GitHub/nextcloud Project, this has the status “to develope”.

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