Introducing: the Nextcloud Podcast!

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We’re very excited to announce a new project: a regular Nextcloud podcast! In this podcast we will talk about Digital Sovereignty, self hosting, privacy and more. Its host is Ingo Ebel, known at least in Germany for Radio Tux (which recently covered Nextcloud by the way).

The first episode

The first episode of our podcast, released today, is a discussion between Ingo and Jan-Christoph Borchardt, our designer and one of the earliest contributors. They talk about the history of Nextcloud, design, community and more!

You can listen to the podcast and subscribe on – we are still submitting links to all podcast directories, feedback on things that are missing or broken for you is super welcome!


I’m awash in over 100 podcasts in my list, but what-the-hell, why not add another? :grinning: :rofl:

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