Introducing a Full Self-hosted Audio/video and Chat Communication Platform: Nextcloud Talk


pardon me, what?


Somebody already submitted one


aolko, Yeah is very very strange !!! 5000€ or 6000$ i hope is a error…



NC12.0.5 and NC13 RC4

Clean NC install with Talk working on local network, tryed using á turn server on both versions and after that reverted back to the standard config, erased turn config, stun on default Nextcloud after that no video call possible even on local network. Bug or known config error?

since NC13 rc3 video for Talk stopped working, I can connect but there’s no longer video, not within the ‘home’ network or outside (with turn server) not by app and thru the web-interface… :upside_down_face:
Any hints, tips are welcome…

Thanks in advance


No, it is no error… The Spreed High Performance Backend is a product for large companies. For 50 users, the total price would start at Eur 7500 per year. For 500 users, the price would be about Eur 13000 per year.


Where is the source code for the enterprise software?



I have installed nextcloud talk in the server and nextcloud talk on the smart phone.

I am still missing or cant find the chat functionality.

In the title it is clearly stated that there is a Chat Communication Platform. :slight_smile:
How do I activate it?



Not yet implemented in iOS version, it will come soon.
Also when i share my desktop in the call, the mobile version don’t see it.


Screensharing and chat are not supported on mobile. They will eventually, but chat will probably take a while as we need to improve the API first.


I can’t get it working even with two computers on same network. I Have Spreed.Me working perfect on local network and through Internet using STUN/TURN server but Talk is not working at all. When I upgraded to Nextcloud ver.12 it stop working between computers so I thought new version will fix it but it is not working between computers or computer-phone on 13 also.



Screensharing and chat are not supported on mobile. They will eventually, but chat will probably take a while as we need to improve the API first.

That’s a pity I was really looking forward to chat like WhatsApp self hosted :grin:
Hopefully it’s implemented soon :smile:


a) What phone?
b) Do you have STUN and TURN configured?
c) Do you have Nextcloud on https? :slight_smile:


Don’t need STUN and TURN Server as this is between two computers on same network.
I think this should work before trying with phone.
Sorry I compare this to that work that way is STUN server needed for computer to computer connection on LAN with TALK?


a) Samsung Galax Note 8 (vorher Note 3neo)
b) ? - verstehe die Frage nicht. :frowning:
c) yes


This is developed by a partner. I believe customers get access to the code.


I’ve a need for matrix integration into nextcloud talk! can you please make it happen? Any news since you post about this topic? Thanks


I’d encourage you to get involved, if you have a need for it! This will certainly take a while, certainly more than a few months, it is not very high priority. We’d absolutely welcome patches and other contributions.


What are these XMPP/Matrix-integrations supposed to do? Enable the use of Matrix/XMPP-clients with Nextcloud Talk or more, like server-to-server bridging with lots of supported features?


Both, in the end. I think that server-to-server bridging and client support are both very useful.


Dear nextcloud devs,

many thanks for developing such an amazing application! I’m fairly new to nextcloud, I’ve installed it on a vserver but unfortunately the Nextcloud Talk application is not working. I’m using Debian Stretch on combination with Apache2 and Lets Encrypt. Is there anyone out who installed Nextcloud on Debian Stretch with Nextcloud Talk working? If so, would you mind sharing your configuration with me? Many thanxx and best regards! Kamekun