Introducing a Full Self-hosted Audio/video and Chat Communication Platform: Nextcloud Talk


only do u need update:

Then activate

And now is working


Oops, then there must be some miscommunication somewhere… I’d be very open for collaboration.

BTW my comment was not in anyway meant as a complaint, I fully understand you’ll have to keep up the pace :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you @mario for your answer.
I´m not very interesstet in GMC Services on my device, so i can live with that issue.
When i will make a video call i can send a request before. That´s ok, for me.

So i will wait for the f-droid release… :slight_smile:

Greetz and thank´s for this great app…


I tested the app from desktop (browser) to android, from android to android, from android to iOS and it works great so far, via mobile connection and via WLAN or LAN…

I can not agree with your result…


As i mentioned and in the abandoned NC g+ channel that a implementation would be a better solution i believe. Its mature its working its fast and it has a big community and many dedicated developers.

Thank you.


where can add my turn settings?


where put domain and id?


In the admin settings -> Talk.


Do you have a comparison between Talk and Zulipchat? It seems to use Jitsi for video chats.

Anyway, the advantage of Talk is the Integration into Nextcloud and (if you don’t need your own STUN, TURN and signalling server) a pretty simple setup if you already have Nextcloud running.

An API to interface Talk with existing infrastructure like monitoring, CI, bugtrackers would be awesome, though.


Once XMPP support is in, that will be very easy to do with all the possible bridges once can do with XMPP. My personal favourite is NodeRed with the XMPP input and output node.

The currently probably best XMPP server ejabberd also comes with build in TURN/STUN so that is a natural fit.


This will be a good deal more useful when we can initiate a public conf from the app, currently that’s all I’ve used spreed for to date since my install doesn’t have a userbase beyond the household. Talk app looks basically empty for me atm.


Like I told you via other channels, create a call via web interface, and then use the app to call all you want - for now :slight_smile:


Well I’m not going to log in via laptop/PC to initiate a call, and if I do it via Android browser I may as well continue in the browser as I’ve always done.

So I’ll wait for this overlooked feature to be added in :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a way to set bandwidth limits, especially while on slower connections and on mobile data plans?


Does this use multicast? If not, any idea how many users/unit of bandwidth it can accomodate?


No i dont have.
You can request one from Zulip i believe.

As i said its a much more mature solution and it could be integrated the same good i suppose like Talk.

But any way this will not happen as it seems. Well i use NC for only what they were good from the beginning (sync,share,store) because now they have lost focus and everything (apps mostly)are below average.


Btw. I am doing fine with “microg” Google services replacement. They also bring an anonymous GCM check-in, that offers a nice overview which Apps ask for GCM, allow/disallow etc.

F-Droid repo available:


No, but quality of sent video SHOULD be automatically varied.


So push works nicely? :slight_smile:


Seems like the WebRTC standard does support manually limiting video resolution though. Probably a good idea to include that in the app for people with limited bandwidth volume but fast connections (i.e. most mobile LTE).