Introducing a Full Self-hosted Audio/video and Chat Communication Platform: Nextcloud Talk


Do u hace coturn or not?


Hi all.

Nice work devs. Thank you very much. Can someone say something about performance? My macbook air gets serious trouble running a video conf with more than two participants. Any other experiences?

thanks and cheers


yeah, in the end, that depends on the chat app devs (including you…) and us working on this together. Probably good to join another meetup :wink:

I believe we discussed integrating the Chat app outright but you want to stay independent so that’s kind’a off the table. So perhaps we can do something else.


very much up to the browser, but they’re not very efficient in most cases :frowning:


Great would be if the JSXC build in cloud auth API that allows easy SSO with ejabberd and prosody XMPP servers was shared.


Bro I want to know if u have coturn or not?..


You can use it without or with coturn.
It works without coturn out of the box.


What do you mean by coturn ?


@doddyfab, this


Hello @ all…

i´m very interessted in keeping my devices “googlefree”, so i only use apps from f-droid or other sources. Will the NC Talk App beeing available in f-droid or via direct download from a Nextcloud Server?

Thank´s and Greetz…


@Echse27 Seems to depend on Google services because of push notifications:


Is that a must to have NC 13, or will the Nextcloud Talk app will also work with NC 12 ?


I have spreed and spreedme running correctly:


Then i need uninstall those for install new NC Talk?


Don’t think they will backport it, but a less capable version (no chat, for example) is available for Nextcloud 12.


Mobile apps will never work with 12.


You can download all APKs here:

However, note that it comes with Google services as a dependency.

F-Droid version will come once I get the time to do it. Or someone contributes a proper solution :slight_smile:


How can solve this?


solved with this

sudo su
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/nextcloud


I tested beta ver, video chat works PC + latest iOS on local wifi , but when I try chat with iOS + android (internet), it do not work. Even PC + android (internet).


Nextcloud 13.0.0 RC 1

But when i try activate TALK, show me this