Introduce symbolic link/references for nextcloud

Hey guys,

I am trying to share files with my collegues. I organise these files in some self-defined structure. Like a place for all my tickets and official documents. Now I’d like to share certain documents, maybe even in a slight different structure, maybe not all in this folder. I am aware that I might share a single file, but this increases the number of total share. I could not predefine a structure, new shares would simply appear at root folder, ignoring any structure.

I am looking for something like a symbolic link of folders and files. With these links files can be at multiple places, but only exist once. Pretty similiar to symlinks in linux. I could manage my own structure, link these files to a folder and share it. This way, I can keep my own file structure and share parts of it. I do not have to copy my own files to a share.

Please let me know, if my request is not clear enough or you have questions.

PS: the sidepanel in browser has a lot free pixels, where something like symlink management could be handled nicely :wink:

Symlinks are not supported (you can check the bugtrackers of owncloud/Nextcloud) for possible problems.

You could just copy all files you want to share into a shared folder.