Intranet/Wiki App

Is there some Intranet / Wiki app out there so I can create some manual pages with some WYSIWYG editor ?

Would be nice to have


@oparoz did you look any more into tiddlywiki?

I think for most usecases, probably a simple linking mechanism on top of the MarkDown/Editor app (files-markdown) would be enough (even something simple like done in GitHub combined with the Solr powered search app Nextant or the standard indexer.

I am rather new to Nextcloud so I am not sure how this could be implemented, maybe some seasoned ownCloud/nextCloud veteran could provide some rough design for that?

That is exactly what I am looking for. Just render a directory of markdown and image files would be grand. Then I can host documentation on my nextcloud instance.

Maybe PicoCMS could be of interest? There is an app for Nextcloud here:

That was fast :slight_smile:

Looks interesting. I will have to try it, but it looks like the author did not submit it to the app store.

Yet. Raise an issue on the repo and you’ll get a response on that :slight_smile:

@JasonBayton Better now than never. :sunglasses:

This is now an official app it seems:

Hopefully it gets released to the app store soon.


I also have an almost working solution for using the authPDO plugin for Dokuwiki to access the Nextcloud user database as a sort of poor-man’s SSO. Will share the details in a few days.
Of course it is not a nice solution to require the external pages plugin in nextcloud and re-entering the login details, but Dokuwiki is a quite powerful system that might be worth the disadvantages.

Nextcloud is a great tool, but the biggest omission is a proper CMS addon. If Nextcloud had proper wiki / blog functionality (like Confluence or Wordpress), with the ability to add pages or posts to the main navigation, it could be a true alternative to intranet / extranet platforms like Sharepoint, Alfresco or Confluence. We have tries PicoCMS, but that is far too fragmented, primitive and nerdy and not suitable for a full intranet / knowledge base.
I hope that Nextcoud will develop this functionality in one of the upcoming versions!

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Ideally there would be an easy integration with Bookstack:


Hi Krischan, that would indeed be an interesting option!

that would be awesome!

There almost is now… the latest version of Nextcloud can act as a OAuth2 provider and Bookstack as build in Oauth2 client auth now:

Currently no option to specify a custom endpoint it seems, but adding you own Nextcloud instance should be fairly easy with some simple code modification.

I would definitely love to see Bookstack as an app in nextcloud +1000

I recommend Pepperminty Wiki, which is built in PHP and could have great potential for Nextcloud integration!

There is an Dokuwiki plugin now that authenticates against the NC api:

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