Interview with Matthieu Gallien, Senior Software Engineer at Nextcloud

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Nextcloud podcast

In this 13th episode, our host Ingo talked with Matthieu Gallien, Senior Software Engineer at Nextcloud, responsible for Desktop client. Matthieu covers interesting topics of Desktop Client such as Sync Client, how it works, and the new features like Virtual files, Speedup sync, E2E encryption, and more.

Find the feed on our podcast page and listen to the full interview! If you have not heard the previous episodes, check them there as well.

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@mgallien nice interview. Good to have you on board. All the best.

Thanks !
Working within the Nextcloud community is really nice !

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hi @mgallien I think it was in this interview that there were spoken about some Talk chats on the Nextcloud cloud in which contributors are gathering together. Where can I find those chats or can you get me in contact with some person who is managing this?



the mentioned chat is here:

Please see description of chat.