Internet Connection for Nextcloud Talk

Hello all,

I have a question. My friends are using Zoom for video communication and I thought about setting up Nextcloud Talk for us as a better alternative. Unfortunately I only have a regular internet connection (100k download, 40k upload). Is it possible to host a Talk conference with 5-10 people with that connection. What server specs do you estimate are necessary? Thanks in advance.

Negative for NC Talk even you have good internet

Best alternative is Jitsi you can also create your own server.
10 to 30 participants without any problems

I have not yet reached its limits … but my server is also quite powerful and connected with 600 Mbit.

it is certainly possible that the upload and download speeds of the hosts can vary. and I suspect that nextcloud will not edit the video and will send you all the video streams separately.

If you want to change that take a look at this issue:

Okay, thanks for the answers. I’ll have to look into other solutions then.

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