International section only in more languages

Existing topics can only be moved into the german or russian section of the international section. There are much more languages and probably it’s only worth opening a dedicated subsection if a language has a certain user base. But can we open the international section to all other languages?
Here for example is a post: Compartilhamento externo


You are mistaken.
I’m not German, let alone Russian, I’m Brazilian.
So it makes no sense for my topic to be on this list.
Where hardly anyone will be able to help me.
If possible move my topic to where I really can be helped.
Thank you!

@jospoortvliet @JasonBayton

Question:, should we just open up the international category for any language or do we create a sub-category for each language?

Our usage statistics say, there are many users from France, so we should offer French as well (Erreur interne du serveur) and perhaps Spanish which was nearly as popular in the past (

Even though it is the best to write directly in English, many users are new to the Nextcloud and server topic and they don’t look for another challenge.

The benefit to dedicated language categories is the ability to subscribe to and congregate as a mini community where there are enough members.

Perhaps international can play home to all language requests and as we get other languages spoken more frequently, create subcategories.

We don’t want a Cantonese category if only one person posts there after all.

I suggest to open it for all until there’s enough of a specific language, then split off!!! That IS more management work, though…

Ok, I could change the permissions that everybody can put something in the international section. Then let’s see if there are enough French/Spanish/Cantonese speaking people here :smiley:


Some day Cantonese will take over everything :see_no_evil: