Internal Server Error runing Installation Wizard on a LAN Debian

Installing Nextcloud on Debian over LAN and using openssh for installing all dependencies.
On requesting Nextcloud Installation Wizard from browser I am getting an “Internal Server Error” with information only about “Remote Address:” (the IP of my working computer) and “Request ID: IDWtfKWKVv1RYtJpaKGX”.

The IP of the local Nextcloud installation is and I do not understand what the has to do with the Installation Wizard!

Apache2 Error Log file contents is this

You have a lot of errors like

Can’t write into config directory!

Please check your file permissions

Thanx for your help!!! But could you kindly point out what lines imply “write” permissions error(s)?

See my quote and reread your log.
Please check owner of webserver and owner of your nextcloud folder/files.