Internal Server error - Not sure if it's related to DB

Environment: Docker - On Portainer
Nextcloud version 22.2.3
MariaDB version: 10.5

I had a working Nextcloud 22 running on Portainer with MariaDB.

I restarted Nextcloud container because I was having issues seeing my Pic folder (which kept complaining it’s locked and unavailable)

Next thing I see is “Internal Server” error. I tried restarted couple times - no change.

So I restart my MariaDB (10.5) container - didn’t help me at all.

Unfortunately, I am not a pro here so I am unable to “debug” or parse through the logs but if someone can point me in the right direction and tell me what to look for, I can hopefully do that.

I appreciate the help - currently I am unable to access Nextcloud.

I will say this - if I create a new volume instead of using my existing one - I do get the very first initial login page in Nextcloud (but I rather not do that - I have all my data which then I would need to move over.)
Processing: nextcloud_php.txt…

I know I would probably need to post some log file here
Nextcloud Issues output


So I created a new “config.php” and it immediately started working - of course it asks for new “admin” name and connectivity to DB, etc.

Then, when I created same “admin” name - it errored out saying this admin username already exists.

Now I compared new config.php to my old one - and I saw the issue: under “dbhost” - I did not have the correct PORT number! It seems that once I restarted my nextcloud (after which everything failed) - the port number had changed on the portioner.

I entered the correct Port number - and voilà - everything was up.

Figured I would write it here - in case someone experienced a similar issue.