Internal Server error, how to read logs?

I just started using nextcloud, or at least tried to use it.

I installed nextcloud via setup-nextcloud.php, created an admin user and added my MySQL database.

Right after that I get an internal server error.

I have no idea why or how to solve it.

I have some logs, but no human can read them. So I searched for it and apparently there is a logreader. But how am I supposed to use it when I can’t even access the nextcloud at all to get to the logreader?

Try looking in the home for nextcloud yourpath/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log or your data folder/nextcloud.log And welcome to this forum.

But as I said, I already got the log and there is stuff in it. But I can‘t read it because it‘s weird formatted.

I‘ve read that I need the Nextcloud Log Reader for that. But how can I access the Log Reader, when I have no access to my Nextcloud at all, due to the internal server error?

Did nobody thought about that scenario? That you probably need the read/ understand the log when you have no access to the nextcloud?

Oh sorry I miss read your message then sorry, I know I hate how it is formatted and the nextcloud log reader is in nextcloud, after you install, somebody correct me if I am wrong.

Hi @jonalange

You could use to view the log file. It does some reformating and syntax highlighting and donse’t do line breaks. So it should be at least a little more readable than with cat or less. lnav is included in the package repositorys of most popular linux distros.

I am not the one who asked the question tagging @jonalange

Ah yes. You’re right, of course. I changed my post.

On “Internal Server Error” please first check the log files in /var/log/nginx or /var/log/apache2

There should be mentioned, why the webserver could not answer the request.
Annother error may be caused by mis-confugured settings in config.php, for example “trusted domains”.
Is mysql server running?