Internal server error fresh install official VM

I use the fficial VM to install NC on a VPS with Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS. I have a registered domain. I choose to only install NC. After the installation is complete and I got to my site I get Internal server error.

Any clue how to proceed?

check your webserver configuration

How can I check that? What should I be looking after?

the best way is to start here :wink:


Meanwhile I would like some clarification about the VM.

I have registered and two subdomains ( and and have set DNS for all of them to the server IP (remote VPS server).

When running the installation script I am asked to give the domain name I will use for Nextcloud (like this: or Should I here use or I have tried both with the same results - see further on.

I get a message that SSL is now activated and OK (irrespective of what domain I gave).

Further on I get a message that Collabora will be installed on . I cannot change anything there
Next I am presented that Nextcloud will be installed on and I am asked to replace with my own domain name ie in my case.

Next I get a message that "It seems like Nextcloud is not installed or that you don’t use https on: I get the same message if I have used only in my examples above.

It says I can use LetsEncrypt script to get SSL and activate my Nextcloud domain. And when SSL is activate I should us another script to install Collabora.

It is not clear for me why I first get a message that SSL is working, and then Nextcloud is either not installed or that https is not used.

Should I stop the script there, activate SSL on the domain AND subdomains and then run the collabora script?