Internal Server Error after editing config.php

Beitrag entfernt - dieser Beitrag wurde vom Ersteller gelöscht

There is a comma missing at the end of the line.

Thats true. But as I sad, I have removed the change a few moments later, so at the time my “modification” is not there and the config.php file should be the same as before I changed anything. Do you understand what I mean?

please edit your post and remove all those highly sensitive secrets.
With those data, everybody gets the means to decrypt all your passwords!

How, with what editor did you edit your config.php?

Could you please post here the echoes of these two commands:

ls -l /path/to/nextcloud/config/config.php
file /path/to/nextcloud/config/config.php

That output could give me an answer to my suspicion.

Much luck,

My echo: -rw-r----- 1 www-data www-data 3937 Nov 19 21:52 /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php

The time is maybe this late, because i just turned the raspberry on a few moments ago, because i had turned off after I postet my problem here.

My echo: /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php: ASCII text

I edited the config.php-file in putty. I used the nano command, made my change and saved it.

OK. My suspicion was not confirmed

(You still have your secrets world readable!)

Much luck,

Ohhh i see. Thank you. But what was your suspicion?

either wrong owner / file rights or wrong (dos) file format :wink: