Internal Server Error 500

I am running latest version of Nextcloud on CentOS 7. I am trying to integrate nextcloud with openstack swift as a backend storage. Followed the given document but after adding those mentioned lines in config.php, It is showing Internal server error.
I want to know how to specify lines in config.php and clear idea about how can we integrate openstack swift with nextcloud.

You’ve likely misconfigured the config.php file.

Output it here (without passwords) and one of us will tell you what to fix.

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OK, and if you could output your apache error log too…

I am unable to find the logs. What is the default location for nextcloud.log

Try /var/log/httpd/error_log, otherwise you’ll need to locate it yourself.

This is http error log

Was it helpful

Finally did you resolve it? I’m having the same issue.