"Internal link" sharing to a file not working as expected

Nextcloud version : 20.0.8

The issue I am facing:

I am not able to share an internal link to a file, to multiple working collaborators that have all accesses to the repository containing the file.

I previously shared the repository to all Users by email with password, granting them all accesses to all the files contained in the repository. When I share the “Internal link” to a file in that repository, they can’t see the file and fall on the standard Nextcloud “login” page (nb: such users don’t have a Nextcloud account).

I understand that use “Internal links” instead of “Public links” is a best practice to avoid Privacy & Security breaches: I would like to only share “Internal links” with my working collaborators, that they could view entering their personal password to the main repository containing the file.

Can somebody tell me what I am missing and how to use “Internal links” correctly ?

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Admin share a folder to an “User B” by email with password granting all accesses
  2. Create a file in the folder and click on “Internal link”
  3. Share the “Internal link” to “User B” by email
  4. UserB clicks on the “Internal link” and falls on the Nextcloud “login” page: no way to see the file shared


Hello Rodseq

were you able to solve the problem in the meantime? I have a similar problem with internal links- I share an link to a subfolder to “direct” my collegues to a certain file. But they fall back to their “home directory” instead of the folder shared in the internal link