Internal Error Security Settings

I’m not using docker, using simple file editing in DirectAdmin and CPanel.
Fixed Header Security and some other Warnings. All fine, had this install since 2018.
My problem is (I can’t find any online answers except guessing and copy paste wrong answers), when I enter settings/Security (I want to add oauth2), I’m redirected to Internal Error!
At the moment I’m on Beta and staged on stable but same issue?


For internal server errors, you need to access the logfiles of your webserver for more details. This error message is too generic to tell anything.

For the webserver settings, there can be small changes between versions, especially with nginx you need to adjust these (with .htaccess many things can be automatically set in apache).

If you do not want to test specific features of a new version, I would not use beta versions.

It is best to fix them one by one, and if something fails, you know at least what you did to break it.

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