Internal couldnt talk with external but external can talk between external and vice versa

Ive been searching this forum but couldnt get the answer, hope forumer can help me. Ive a nextcloud server behind proxy and its working fine for internal user to use talk between them. The external user also able to communicate between the external users using this internal server. But the funny thing is both the external and internal couldnt communicate with each other. The call picture will be blank and loading between the external and internal user. But the external users can see each other (with the external users) and internal users can see each other (with the internal users). Only between them they couldnt see (internal cannot see external). The talk setting is default and i dont think we need the turn server (stun is enabled by default). here are the picture.

Internal means within the office network and external means from home using their own internet.


Hi @ridhwn

The keyword you are looking for is: “TURN server”.

There are also serval topics in the forums including a guide on how to set it up:

Hope that helps

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