Interesting discoveries with Collabora Built-in CODE I wanted to share

Hi there,

As the title says, I want to share something I found out about the Collabora Built-In Code server. I’ll let you know details about my installation:
Base OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Snap Installation
NextCloud Version 27.1.3
PHP Version 8.1.25
Proxy Server: Ubuntu 22.04 with nginx

Under these conditions, when I try running the Collabora Built-In CODE server, it does not run. It encounters errors. After a while of digging through logs and such, I come to realize I am encountering this error: “no_fontconfig”

This error appears in the “proxy.php” file in the “/var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extra-apps/richdocumentscode/” folder.

The specific section makes about 6 checks to make sure the server can run before the server launches and turns on. However, it always fails on me at the last check.

Here’s the weird part. If I comment out that specific check, the server then launches just fine. Collabora Built-In CODE begins functioning, and the service works as intended, even has all the fonts available, despite that’s what the check looks for.

Here’s the specific code I had to comment out:

If anyone knows why I had to comment that part out, or what it even does, please let me know. And if it’s a bug, I hope it is fixed, because this was the source of my headaches of using Collabora Built-In CODE. Without those 3 lines of code commented out, Collabora doesn’t work. With them commented out, it works just fine. I do not know what’s at fault here, but something within these three lines, or something else that this line checks for, isn’t working properly.