Interest for cultural event?

City tours

Sometimes at conferences you see some offer for a local, cultural activity, for example a city tour. I wonder if someone would be interested to have something like this?

I am think about one of the Berlin Underground tours during one of the hackathon days, not weekend:

Especially the 7pm time seems good, so we have all the time before to code.

Starting points are close to Gesundbrunnen station, so weโ€™d need to go a bit by public transport thereto, takes about 30min/direction.

Ticket prices vary per tour, typically 10-15 EUR. If 10 to 15 people are interested in it, I would approach the organizers and weโ€™ll see were we would end up.

So, if you like to do this, please shout and give your preference! :slight_smile:

Other events

Berlin Biennale
4 June - 18 September 2016
Held every other year, the Berlin Biennale turns various locations in the city into galleries for contemporary art.

Berlin Art Week
13 - 18 September 2016
The Berlin Art Week is a great opportunity for art enthusiasts to discover and discuss the works of international and local artists exhibited in hundreds of galleries.

International Literature Festival Berlin
7 - 17 September 2016
During eleven days the International Literature Festival Berlin presents contemporary authors from all over the world with their prose and poetry.

After the conference

Berlin Marathon
24 - 25 September 2016
The Berlin Marathon traditionally takes place on the last weekend in September every year. More than 40,000 athletes set off the marathon, cheered on by about a million spectators.

Oktoberfest Berlin at Kurt-Schumacher-Damm
23 September - 16 October 2016
Berlinโ€™s largest Oktoberfest folk festival boasts a large Bavarian-style party tent, original Oktoberfest beer and funfair rides.


A Berlin Underground tour, I always wanted to do that in Berlin. That is an excellent idea. Perhaps I need to find a way to join the conference as well :wink:


Great idea! I will participate :slight_smile:

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Sounds great! :slight_smile: Count me in!

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Me too :slight_smile: โ€“ Good ideas! :slight_smile:

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Great to see the interest of yours :fireworks: do you have any preference on a tour, or just any? :slight_smile:

Choices, soooo many choices. Iโ€™m usually happy with most :wink:

Iโ€™ve hijacked the OP to add other things to do since the title is pretty broad :slight_smile:

oh! good , my wife thanks :grin:

Also count me in for the Underground tour! Sounds fun! :slight_smile:
Any of them looks good to me!

me too for underground :imp:

So far 6 persons are interested. I have had hoped for a little bit more :wink: Nevertheless I (or my lovely wife) will inquire for Tour 1 โ€“ Dark Worlds, 7pm on Wed, 21st Sep

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I have bad news, good news, and a limitation.

  1. Unterwelten are booked out in couple months in advance. I let me be tricked by their website, which showed what I thought were still available dates. So no Unterwelten, but a candidate for next year, then.

  2. I researched for something else that could be interesting and came across a show at the Zeiss Grand Planetarium on Asteroids (50min). It would be on Wed, 21st, 6pm, entrance fee 8โ‚ฌ/nose. That show is supposed to be available in several languages, including English. However, this technique is not working yet (they had no details on the phone unfortunately), and it cannot be promised it is functional until then. So, worst case it is in German only, while there are substantial information on the language track. I will pull the definite information next week Monday.

Opinions? Or forget about it?

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@blizzz First of all thank you very much for your efforts, no matter the final outcome! :slight_smile:
I am fine either way, but I have the advantage German being my native language so I leave the vote to others. Other than that I am just fine with grabbing a drink and having a chat with like-minded people :slight_smile:

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I know itโ€™s kind of โ€œlateโ€ but just keep it for next year.

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