Interactive live polls, quizzes and more in presentations πŸ“Š

I would love to see a Nextcloud Polls integration with Nextcloud Office to get feature parity with Microsoft Office and Mentimeter

Example from a recent presentation slide:

The goal here is to offer the audience a poll code on a presentation slide that can be used to participate in a live survey.

It’s not really important but it’s definetely always really fun :slight_smile:

Cherry on top would be to extend this with quizzes, word clouds and more :cherries:

I know that there are even games based on Microsoft Excel, but maybe you can start with this to check how your employees are feeling about the service catalog. Or maybe you better use it to invite your employees to a party, which might lead them to be less critical about the service catalog :wink:

We are already using NC Pools and like it a lot. My request was about integrating this NC App into NC Office :slight_smile:

In Microsoft Excel 97 there was a flight simulator included. Maybe someone can also implement a flight simulator in Nextcloud Office. :wink: What exists at Microsoft should also exist at Nextcloud. :wink:

Video Excel 97 Easter Egg - Flight Simulation

All joking aside. I think the app Forms is nice, too. But the app is also not included in Nextcloud Office.

I didn’t want to suggest that NC has to copy everything Microsoft Office has or had. I just think the realtime collaborative stuff is

  1. reallyyy fun for our users and
  2. really β€œon brand” for Nextcloud, since, from our users perspective, Nextcloud kind of invented real time browser stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
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Found another interactive slide solution that looks really inspiring:

Tutorial: Vergabe und Abzug von Quizergebnissen | AhaFolien

Is there any constructive way to suggest this feature to the NC dev team? I am convinced that these interactive online presentations would be a game changer for our Nextcloud Office users.