Integrity error, how to fix it

Hi, i got an error after updating the deck plugin. Here is the error

Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix



  • core
      • .user.ini

Raw output

[core] => Array
[.user.ini] => Array
[expected] => 467d…
[current] => b5c3…




Please, how i can fix it ?

What I did was download the current version that I had of nextcloud .zip file from the nextcloud website. then went into where my nextcloud dir location and opened the folder I made sure to show hidden files and deleted everything from the dir besides config and data folder. Then I went into the zip file that I download made sure show hidden files is on and selected everything besides config then copied everything over to the nextcloud dir. Then I fixed folder permissions in nextcloud dir made www-data the owner. Once I did that I open up the url went into nextcloud and it ask me to preform a upgrade, which I did and fixed my issue. Hope this helps

Make sure to have a backup of the server incase something brakes you can recover. :slight_smile: