Integration with SuiteCRM

Hello everyone,

Are there any expectations that a possible integration between NextCloud and SuiteCRM will occur?

Thank you in advance.


I would realy appreaciate such an Integration!
Looking foward to any news about this.

Best regards

No need to integrate it fully (and this will likely never happen),

But there are already plenty of ways you can make that work more or less smoothly:

Use LDAP/Active Directory as a common login system, then use CalDAV to synchronize calendars, and finally you can use the official “external pages” app in Nextcloud to make the system show up on your nextcloud menu without problems.

Of course a plugin or so, for SuiteCRM to handle file-uploads via the nextcloud API would be great, but most of the time it isn’t really needed. And maybe there is already some way to get it to work with WebDAV.