Integration with S3

Hi All,

We are considering the use of nextcloud with an S3 protocol Object Storage. We have a few questions regarding the usage:

  1. If the storage is done to an On-Prem S3 storage, Can the files be accessed through direct S3 api to the storage? or it must be through your api?
  2. From reading the architecture, It said that if using S3 Object storage the product creates a bucket for each user, is that necessary? (there could be thousands of users)
  3. What type of index search engine you require for the tagging search engine? and for full text search engine? we’ve read that you require solr for full text, is there an option to replace it?

Thanks in advance,

Primary S3 does not need a bucket for each user.

You can access the files however you want as long as you know which file is which. S3 on nextcloud is not stored like you think it is!

The only downside is S3 does not delete all files properly and does not remove preview images on file deletion, so if that’s a concern you should consider it carefully.