Integration URLs not accessible from nextcloud container

Hello all,

Im on the latest nextcloud install on podman I did an update and can no longer use collabora office. Nextcloud and other stuff is located in a DMZ- zone. In front of nextcloud and collabora is ha-proxy doing the ssl termination. Collabora is running and Im getting an ok accessing it via browser over lan. But I dont get it from administering the office URL in nextcloud. I checked DNS in container and all is okay.
Im having same issue with intregrating xwiki and open-project. xwiki.doamin.tld, office.domain.tld…
It seems something has changed. How I get the integration running?

Can someone help?

Can you please fill out the support form requested when making new posts in the Support category? It’s challenging to help without more details about your setup. There are many ways of installing Nextcloud and we need context to help you.

That’s likely why you haven’t received any responses yet.

Thank you!