Integration todo.txt <> Nextcloud tasks

Hi everyone! I usually use todo.txt to manage my tasks (TODOs) but Nextcloud tasks app is very convenient, as it is already nicely integrated (synced) with Gnome TODO app. Gnome TODO app also integrates with todo.txt, but I end up with two separated repositories which does not talk to each other: Nextcloud tasks and todo.txt/gnome todo. I’m wondering if there is a way to force Nextcloud Tasks to read/write on todo.txt.

I know I can simply sync my todo.txt folder into nextcloud to have it wherever I go, but it doesn’t appears in tasks app. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Any ideas?

(by the way, I use free Wölkli nextcould service)


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The Nextcloud Tasks app used the CalDAV database table to store its information. You can use, e.g. the sabre/dav WebDAV framework for PHP, to access the data and write your own txt importer/exporter.

Hi @jecogeo!

I’m in the same situation, I would love to see todo.txt being integrated in Nextcloud Tasks! :blush:
However, I’ve been searching the web for a looong time without finding how to add the todo.txt plugin in Gnome todo. Do you have any hint for me?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi @jonapiron ! Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates on that… :frowning:. After the above reply, which involves some coding skills I don’t have, I searched around for while I can’t come up with a solution. I gave up and I’m just using todo.txt for now. If you succeed, please let me now here!