Integration of roundcube into exchange

Hi there,

We are currently using roundcube for our email with a lot of extensions and it works quite well. We also use nextcloud 13 with onlyoffice for document management, hoping to upgrade to nextcloud 15 soon.

However, I’d like to see if there is a way to integrate roundcube into nextcloud so that I could attache or save documents directly to and from roundcube into or from nextcloud, or open them from an email directly into onlyoffice…

Is this possible, or is there some plugin for this?

Hi, no nothing I am aware of.

Couple of months ago we also tried to find a proper replacement for outlook web access and we’ve ended up in similar situation using roundcube on one hand and nextcloud on the other hand. I am quite happy and would like to see everything integrated in nextcloud but this seems not possible esp. when users are used to an outlook-like webmail experience.

Well, we’d need a module in roundcube, basically, that would make it aware of nextcloud and onlyoffice and know how to communicate with those, and vice versa for at least next cloud… I don’t see it as impossible, and they would not even have to be in the same window, just be able to communicate together, that’s all… For the outlook experience, well, loads of people use other systems (thankfully) and if they’re already using roundcube and / or nextcloud, I wouldn’t see any issue there…

Hello. GitHub - flionet89/Nextcloud-roundcube: NextCloud app to integrate RoundCube Webmail
flionet89/Roundcube-Plugin-Roundrive-for-NextCloud: Plugin based on kolab_file plugin to connect to a webdav server (