Integrating Nextcloud Apps management with the Nextcloud Apps website

I’ve found the Apps Management built into Nextcloud server lacks the all apps category, written reviews, and simpler layout of the app section of the website. Would there be an easy way to integrate both of these to be accessible within the server? Not sure of how to best describe this within a feature request.

Yes, there is an way to do this and people are working on the “all apps” category. No idea about the “simpler” layout :slight_smile:

Here is an example of me looking for the Keeweb App within a Nextcloud instance. I don’t see a universal search bar, just a search for filtering the results currently displayed based on category selected… I begin clicking on sections to find the Keeweb app.
nope-2 Hmm, nope…
nope-4 nope…
nope-1 nope…
nope-3 nope…
nope-5 Yeah, success!
Finally found under the tools tab. Apparently can only have one category per tool. Example gif video is very tiny and I cannot read or it see it well. I try to click on it to see a larger example, but nothing happens.

On the Nextcloud website I search for the Keeweb app and it immediately pops up. Same gif video, but it is now large and easy to read. The website does not tell me which section (Tools) Keeweb is actually located within, but it does include handy discussion threads below the rating + fully expanded description.

I really appreciate all the work done on the site and instance, but would love for app searches to be easier to do. As is, I’m constantly confused on where to find any given app without consulting the website and just guessing.

That’s untrue, the developer simply put it into only one category.

Known issue, people are working on it.