Integrating a simple php app in nextcloud

Hi folks, I hope this is the right place for this question.

I’m a heavy nextcloud user, and I’m adventuring myself in writing a simple application for it. I do currently have it written and running on a php server, but I’m having a hard time trying to integrate with.

The application is simple, it is a single page, displaying a query made to a single table in a sqlite database (indexing a bunch of files in a directory and subdirectories), each item displayed is also a hyperlink so you can download the file it points to.
What I would like to do is integrate it into nextcloud, so I don’t need to keep it as a different service in my server.

I’ve been reading the ‘app development guide’, but it is not helping me much to move it forward, as to read it, it seems you required an extensive knowledge in web programming, which isn’t my case.

I managed to use a ‘route’, to load my simple php page as a template, but I really don’t know how to point to my application, what user’s directory the database (and its indexed files) is located. So, essentially, what I think I need now as my first steps into it, is to understand how to create a per-user configuration page, so I can collect information like directory/file path from the user, and consume such information within my application.

If you don’t get a response here the next days I would recommend to connect to and ask there.

it would be wise to learn more about web dev then, because nextcloud apps with a frontend are web apps.

there is no real alternative to this.