Integrated MacOS functionality lost after o/s upgrade?

Expected behaviour

I updated from an earlier version of MacOS (10.10 I think) to Sierra. I am using NextCloud 2.2 desktop client (says it is up to date). When I installed desktop client into previous O/S version, it worked as expected, especially being able to share via right click.
Actual behaviour

After o/s update, I have lost all o/s specific functionality. I cannot share (or at least I cannot share via right click; there is no NextCloud share option as before). The integration with the sidebar and search was also lost but I manually added them via preferences. Im not sure if there is a bug or if I just do not know how to “re-enable” sharing but Ive searched the FAQ, the internet and all the settings options in the desktop client and system prefs and not been able to find it.


Operating system: MacOS 10.12.4

Installation path of client: /Applications/