Integrate Tasks & Deck and beat ClickUp easily

HI everyone! I’m a big fan of NC and am moving my private life from iCloud and other apps to NC atm.

The Problem

Sadly, there are more proprietary apps I have to use which include Clickup for its “Make tasks and view them how you like” feature among others.

My Suggestion

The idea is that you can make a list of tasks (+subtasks) and view them however you like. The most helpful for me is to change from task list to kanban board (like the deck app). Sadly, deck (still) cant open the tasks and tasks shows the deck boards correctly but you (or at least I) can’t change them.

My request would be that we integrate them more so that you can view every task as board and board as tasks if you want, making this stuff a lot easier. And hopefully adding more and more views in the future.

What the competition does

Here’s a screenshot of the way clickup does it. The app is genius but proprietary and paywalled in some regards. Also, I have had the situation that it was offline since all your data is stored online (no danger at all there, right? RIGHT?). That is unacceptable for me.

Let me know if I’m doing something wrong in my way of using tasks and board atm.

Have a good one!

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