Integrate Sharepoint libraries

On I find that one of the top Features of nexcloud is to provide a way to integrate SharePoint Shares into NextCloud. Could you please lead me to a documentation on how to achieve this?
Thanks alot

It is still on the feature list, I can’t find any reference in the documentation either. Not implemented yet???
@jospoortvliet @nickvergessen
@blizzz should implement this in NC 11:

Created an issue on the website bugtracker:

Yes, this isn’t finished for 10 yet. An issue is that we’d like access to a real world test system before we release it. If @Kay_Wettengel could provide that, that’d be awesome :wink:

Hello Jospoortvliet, discussed the Topic with my Boss and our security advisor and they said we can provide that Environment. I think we should now talk about the next steps and then finally Exchange the credentials for the Access in a private discussion. How can we initiate that?

Thank you. In the bugtracker issue I found that SharePoint will come in Version 11. Is our support for “real life testing” needed for that or shall we just sit back and wait?
If we should help please let me know with enough time before when to Setup the machines for you.

maybe “calling” Jos Poortvliet( @jospoortvliet ) can help the communication…

I didn’t find current pull requests yet. So you can’t test it right now. If you have resources, it is probably very helpful to give it a good test especially in potential environments. @blizzz was assigned to this task, so it’s probably best to get in touch with him or maybe ping the #nextcloud-dev on freenode ( if someone can give you more details about the status.

It looks like it won’t make it for Nc 11 as the developer who would work on it got sick for a few weeks. It would be 12 then, perhaps earlier as an app. As always - help is welcome…

OK, so let me know when you Need support for testing in real Environment.

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@blizzz somebody willing to be a guinea pig :smiley:

You told that it should be here in NC11, but I didn’t find it yet, so how are che chances to get to it?

Is there any progress with this?

Our Guinea pig machine is Setup with ubuntu Server 16.04 now as a lamp Server with sattelite mail Server on it:
25 GB /
18 GB /home
100 GB /var with LVM
Shall I install a Version of nextcloud now? Which one?

I’m also very interested in having this feature soon. What would be the expected date this will become available?
Is there code already available for testing?

It is still on the to do list but no PR has been linked so far:

Probably not everything on the list makes it to NC 12. If you really need this feature, you might consider other options to back this feature (contribute code, get enterprise subscription, support only this feature via

Hello, I found an app to integrate SharePoint into the external storage Provider. But so far I’m not able to configure it correctly. Is there any documentation for this app? - Hm, yes I found a screenshot inside the app Folders.
Our Guinea pig machine is now running nextcloud 12, the plugin is installed and can be Chosen from the available file Systems. First question: Is this the Integration we’re talking about here or something else? Second: How can I get it to run properly? The logfile says "Could not load storage: “Unable to get backend for sharepoint”

for whoever comes here…

And then it could be right to close the thread, I think (@JasonBayton , maybe… )

Feature delivered! Raise issues via the official GH repo or in #support