Integrate NAS to Nextcloud

I tried to install Nextcloud on my Centos 7 box. Two questions:

  1. I am using transmission to download files to directory owned by transmission user (911). However nextcloud default user is www-data(uid 33). Is it possible to change www-data uid to 911 too?

  2. I mount my nas disk to nextcloud as /var/www/html/data, however, when I open nextcloud, the admin directory is located at /var/www/html/data/files/admin/. So it still can’t share my nas disk. How?

I searched the forum and couldn’t find an answer.



Management summary:

  1. Don’t do what you try to do.

  2. Use the external storage module to share your nas files.

  3. You should access Nextcloud file in /var/www/html/data/files only through nextcloud (webdav). Nextcloud stores metadata about the files in this folder and keeps track about them. (e.g. versioning) Whatever “transmission” is it should not write directly into nextclouds data directory because Nextcloud would be aware about this files. You would have to run all the time the occ file:scan command after changing/adding/deleting a file.

  4. There is a Nextcloud app called external storage support. With this app you can include any path in your local filesystem. So you could mount a nas share and include that directory into Nextcloud. But than you will face still the problem that this directory must be read- and writeable to the www-data user (see 1.). It would be better to use smb/cifs to let the external storage app share your nas files.