Integrate legal & privacy info

I’m not a law expert, but for me it seems that all online-NC-installations (private or commercial) are not compliant to current law.

According to current law situation (at least in germany/EU) the admin of a website is pledged to inform users about legal (Impressum) and privacy (Datenschutz) while visiting his/her website.

For me a solution for this is essential!

My idea how to solve:
There should be sth. (maybe an app) to enable and personalize this pages which must be accessible from all webpages.
For commercial use there might be the need to show a terms-and-condition-page (AGB) as well.

Any other ideas?


You could try External Sites app as a workaround and point to a shared file on your server (txt, pdf, jpg).
Definitely need this feature. Good observation!

This also covers somehow the privacy discussion I started some time ago. In that case more importantly for users, than for visitors.

The lack of interest (# of views) for this topic does not state the unimportance but the unawareness of possible consequences!

@jospoortvliet Is there a plan to integrate a solution for the fulfillment of legal requirements? In my opinion this should be a core feature of NC and therefore be provided by Nextcloud GmbH.

You can use the footer line in the login screen for the necessary legal link. And, you should include the legal info in the contract you are granting your individual users during setup / payment agreement / training. Good that you pointed out this one! The legal part applies to the public part of your website, not the closed/private part because here, it should be covered by your customer/user contracts.

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For logged in users you can use an External Site (separate server app) to point to a Legal Notice. But this is not the best solution because this link is only available through the menu, is not visible always, and displayed in an iframe (not allowed on every server).

It’s true that this can be solved by a workaround. But a workaround can’t be the solution for a missing essential feature!

I opened an issue on github. Maybe this helps to get at least some response by the Nextcloud-GmbH-team.

There used to be an app for the imprint (impressum):

I guess it’s deprecated.

Exactly the solution that I had in mind.

@sf-janz Thx for the input

Unfortunately this app doesn’t work with Nextcloud 12 :frowning:

I know. That’s why I changed the title of my Github Issue already

Just FYI

It is pretty easy to fix. If you don’t want to wait for a successful reanimation you can download the folder “imprint” place it under nextcloud/apps folder and then edit:

Change lines

            <owncloud min-version="7" max-version="9" />
            <php min-version="5.3"/>


            <nextcloud min-version="11" max-version="12" />
            <php min-version="5.3"/>

The app can then be enabled on the Web GUI by the admin under “Apps”.

I just tested it and it works.

Can you give me a hint what to write into such an impressum for a Nextcloud server? German is alright for me :slight_smile:


thx for providing this quick fix.

depends on your use-case (all links refer to content in german):

  • For a private install a legal info should look sth like this. A simple privacy info can be generated here.

  • For a commercial install this could be a good resource.

Disclaimer: This post is not a judicial advice. Simply because I’m not a lawyer :wink:


Pull request is there.

@MichaIng Don’t you agree, that this app should be part of nexcloud app store? Would make it easier to access for user and more secure (app signing procedure). How can we achieve this?

Yes I do, maybe after some additional tests, just in case. But I don’t know how to achieve it, I guess you need some developer status from Nextcloud to do that.

NC App Developer Guide

Pull request closed due to a major bug. Help to fix this/maintain the app highly appreciated. Maybe I will find some time the next days to see where the problem is, but no chance this weekend, G20 and the police going crazy in Hamburg O_O…

Opened another issue for this:

@laurentiu2 @MichaIng @joergschulz @sf-janz @Schmu @anon99252149 and all others who have a opinion on this topic.

It would be help a lot if you would comment to the github issue I opened for this topic. A debate about the necessity of this feature request going on there and I’m sure that your comment could add reasonable value to the discussion.

At the end of the day the question is: Is somebody out there, who sees a benefit in this feature, skilled and willing to take care about realization.

Unfortunately I myself am not skilled enough to be part of the described group. That’s why I can only argue as a “lawyer of users”.

Disclaimer: Describing me with the term “lawyer of users” does not insist that I’m a lawyer in judicial meaning. It should describe the attitude to argue for the interests of others, who are not willing or able to do this on their own.